The Maskros at IKEA

I have loved the Maskros light fixture ever since it made its debut at IKEA. I don’t have a space that’s large enough for it and I haven’t seen it in anyone else’s home…until now.

The Maskros (photo by Jordana)

A friend hung it in her kid’s room – high ceilings, loft-like space – and it looks amazing. The shadows it casts are quite cool too. We had a whole conversation about what to name the shadows on the walls…spiders, snowflakes, stars, flowers. Oh, the fun!

p.s. Maskros, in case anyone wants to know, means dandelion. Of course!


  1. Silvia February 24, 2011

    I saw this lovely fixture at Ikea yesterday and I was admiring it’s pretty and delicate design. I was thinking of a spot where it would look really pretty. Sure enough, your friend picked the right place by placing it in a children’s room. I’m sure it suits the space perfectly!

    • Jordana February 24, 2011

      Thanks for your comment Silvia – you’re absolutely right – this fixture suited my friend’s child’s room perfectly! Putting it together did sound like a challenge though…it’s quite the process and patience is required.


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