Start the new year off right with a set of brand new pencils! You still use pencils, right?

Resolution pencils, $8, Kate Spade

Pencils, $9.50, Et Al Etc.

Mechanical pencil, $4.95 AUD, kikki.K

p.s. You know these pencils would look awesome in this pencil case.


  1. Edwina@FASHION + ART January 6, 2011

    I prefer a traditional pencil but use mechanical pencils mostly now and the kikki.K is so KRISP and KUTE. 🙂 (i kouldn’t resist)

    • Jordana January 6, 2011

      Awesome Edwina. You had me laughing!
      I get annoyed with mechanical pencils…always breaking, hate refilling them. Do you have a favourite brand?

  2. Johanne January 6, 2011

    I go back and forth on mechanical and tradish, although I have to say that if I had to choose, I’ll go with wood any day.

    I also prefer to write class/school exams and note in pencil, not pen (when I’m in school that is). I like that I can go back and erase it and start fresh!

  3. Jessi January 12, 2011

    I do use pencils too! Hahha! I love to draw and to start my drawings I use pencils. Then I go through details with some mechanical pencil.
    And you’re right, that pencilcase is perfect =)

    • Jordana January 12, 2011

      Thanks for sharing your pencil strategies with us Jessi! It’s interesting that you use the mechanical pencils for your detail work. I guess you can count on them for sharp lines, right?


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