The Bar Stool

A friend recently moved into a new place with a breakfast bar and as such, we ended up having a chat about the functionality of the stool.

Emeco stool, $335 USD

Although I don’t have a breakfast bar myself, I decided to have a browse online to see what was on the market. I was surprised at the selection. Here are a few gems that may suit your high counter needs.

dCOR (L to R, T to B): Lush, Ark, Glide, Edge, Itro, Cross

Nuevo (L to R): Leone, Genoa, Nina Nauga

Images courtesy of CSN.

Thanks to Shannon for inspiring this post.

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  1. shannon November 25, 2010

    I honestly don’t know what I did before I had my breakfast bar! Choosing the perfect stool is so difficult – especially since there are so many unique ones out there. The nice thing is that they are available at different price points; from $19.99 at IKEA to $300+ at some higher end stores. I really like the Cross stool you have featured here!


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