Leather in white

I confess: I often dream of living in a white home with white walls, white furniture trimmed with chrome and wood. Maybe you have these dreams too- a modern fantasy that is all about clean, spartan space. There’s a certain efficiency and an air of cool, calm and collected that comes in white environment.

I love leather and I love it on everything, so if I had a white home I would have more than a few white leather pieces like these:

White leather swivel chair, at Elte in Toronto

White leather dining chair, at Elte in Toronto

by Johanne

Images courtesy of Elte.


  1. Andrew Metrick November 10, 2010

    Hi Johanne,

    My name is Andrew Metrick. I thanked you in a comment the last time you featured one of our products on your blog. I believe it was a pair of white stools from a few weeks back. At the risk of sounding repetitive, thank you once again for featuring our products on your blog! As I probably said in my previous comment, feel free to say hello the next time you stop at Elte. We have new products hitting the floor everyday. I just know you’ll love our new ceramic animal heads we have on display. White, of course.

    Anyway, all the best and keep up the amazing work!

  2. hip hip gin gin November 10, 2010

    Sometimes I also wish for a completely white, rather bare space. Usually when my brain feels jumbled or I feel overwhelmed, it is like my brain craves emptiness on the outside when there is too much going on on the inside!

    • Jordana November 11, 2010

      Ah – my brain is often jumbled! Way too much going on in there at the moment. I find my all white apartment so peaceful and calm. I know it doesn’t work for everyone but it’s such a relaxing space for me.


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