The Friday Five: Living Rooms

Today’s Friday Five is a selection of five beautiful photographs of absolutely gorgeous white living rooms. Enjoy.

via DesignSponge

via The Design Files

via Emmas DeisgnBlogg

via Desire to Inspire

via Interiors magazine

Photos courtesy of Design Sponge, Desire to InspireEmmas DesignBlogg, Interiors magazine, The Design Files


  1. Michelle June 18, 2010

    Umm…actually, instead of having that arm chair in the previous post delivered to my flat, I’ll just move into the one in picture number 2 above. (Off)white floor boards. Enough said.

    • Jordana June 18, 2010

      Ha ha. Michelle – your comments are so amusing! Thank you.

  2. ashlina June 18, 2010

    oh wow. soooo gorgeous. that one hanging lamp. wow

    • Jordana June 19, 2010

      I know! What a statement piece!

  3. Love the 4th one – I could move in there with all that gorgeous lighting!

    • Jordana June 19, 2010

      …and beautiful furniture and flowers!
      – J


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