Photography: Car for One

Ah – my sweet European travels have come to an end. I won’t be seeing one of these small gems for a while.

On the road again

It’s been a fun summer, that’s forsure. I hope it’s been one incredible summer for all our White Cabana readers as well!

Image courtesy of French Cloud via Dilly Dallas.


  1. Johanne August 26, 2010

    Thank you for treating us to your European adventure! Your summer travels took me to the markets of beautiful Paris and the high mountain-tops of soaring Switzerland!

    Looking forward to an exciting fall season with you at White Cabana,

    • Jordana August 26, 2010

      It has been a truly amazing summer. I’m glad I was able to take White Cabana readers on a mini-tour of European whiteness. Thanks for your encouraging comment Johanne!

  2. Michelle August 27, 2010

    Europe will miss you! Maybe we can meet up on your next Euro-adventure (it’s been aaaaages!!)

    Such a cute picture!

    • Jordana August 27, 2010

      I love these little cars. Not practical for hauling luggage (or anything?) but they are oh-so-sweet!


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