Online Source for Art: UGallery

Ready to add some new artwork to your home? I recently read about UGallery in the July issue of Better Homes & Gardens and I’m hooked. This online source lets you browse through hundreds of works of art by colour, genre, medium, price, artist and size.  

I got click-happy in the “white” section – no surprise there, right?

Birdcage, Sarah Diaz, $125

Untitled, Robert Darabos, $200 Steel Peak, Mike Lindwasser, $100

Sword Fight, Matthew Traub, $600

Answering the Phone, J. Nicholas Corich, $240

Touch 1, David Tarafa, $500

Twirl, Jesse Osbourne, $75

Images courtesy of UGallery.


  1. Bailey June 24, 2010

    So glad you are enjoying our site! Thanks very much for the kind words.

    We also just released a print that sells limited edition, sustainable prints: Let us know what you think!

    Bailey (Ugallery)

    • Jordana June 24, 2010

      Hi Bailey,
      UGallery has such a fine selection of works by a range of talented artists. Looking forward to what is going to come on Paperwork. Thanks for the link.


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