Umbra's Fish Home

I am absolutely in love with this fish home. It is perfect for my fighting fish, T2. Although it’s a teeny tiny pet, there’s no reason why my little guy shouldn’t have a lofy fish condo of his own. Teddy Luong’s design is modern and Canadian!

Umbra's Fishcondo, $31, at Unica Home

Photo courtesy of Unica Home.


  1. shannon March 11, 2010

    I’m glad to see that T2 is still alive and kicking. He definitely deserves a home like this!

    • Jordana March 11, 2010

      He’s been a good little fish for me…I should spoil him, shouldn’t I?

  2. Johanne March 12, 2010

    Yes! You should! So have you ordered this fish loft yet? It’s a super find!

    • Jordana March 12, 2010

      You can pre-order but I haven’t yet. A few people have emailed me to tell me I just HAVE to get it!

  3. Johanne March 16, 2010

    If you don’t, we can all pitch in and buy it for you. Jordana, you must!!

    • Jordana March 16, 2010

      I’m going to go bankrupt and my apartment is going to be crowded if I buy everything that I write about! Sheesh! But this fish condo is really a hot item and I think my little fighter fish would love it. Ok…maybe I should just put an order in!

  4. unicahome March 17, 2010

    Thanks for the post!
    From the unicahome blog team.


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