Design at Home: House Projects

We moved into our new home in June 2021, and while the house does not need any major or minor work (really move-in ready!), I have a list of projects to make the house feel ours. Since June, we have done a few things that were quite necessary like installing a water softener, leveling patio stones, hiring an arborist, and getting our chimneys cleaned.

Merging two houses has also meant that we have spent a good chunk of time sorting through our pieces of furniture and artwork and deciding what we want to keep, sell, and donate. We’ve also worked on a few different layouts in different rooms as we’ve learned more about what kinds of spaces we need and want in our home.

While we don’t actually need anything for our home, there’s a bunch of stuff I want to do in 2022. Here’s my list (which my beau mostly agrees on, too):

  1. Install a new sink, faucet, and countertop in the kitchen. Replace the cabinet handles. Add a backsplash. (Affordably!)
  2. Upgrade lighting (modern, modern, modern) in as many rooms in the house as possible.
  3. Add rugs to certain space to increase cozy factor.
  4. Install a backsplash in our basement kitchen.
  5. Invest in a upright freezer.
  6. Organize and make better use of our garage and shed.
  7. Continue to hang artwork (and maybe buy a piece that both of us like).
  8. Invest in a good office chair (for my office).
  9. Continue to design my beau’s office.
  10. Add a secondary TV area.
  11. Finalize a design plan for our sitting room.
  12. Organize the kitchen pantry.
  13. And I’ll probably keep adding to the list as the year evolves!

It’s fun to have design projects on the go. I’ll check on this list in a few months or in a year to see how far we’ve come.