The Friday Five: Classic Karl Lagerfeld

It’s amazing how some people’s style is so instantly recognizable. Karl Lagerfeld, for example, is so distinguishable because of his white ponytail-tied hair, dark sunglasses, high-collared shirts, gloves, and random chain accessories.

I laughed quite a bit while I was researching items to include in today’s Karl-centred post. Could you imagine your face as the object of a bag, for example? Have a look…

Karl-Lagerfeld-candleKarl Essence Rare Scented Candle, $85, Luisa Via Roma

karl-father-t-shirt-eleven-parisKarl is my Father t-shirt, $58, Eleven Paris

565861_in_xlLagerbones tank by Brian Lichtenberg, $35, The Outnet

Karl-bagTC Karl crossbody bag, $220, Monnier Freres

3961123Karl Lagerfeld unisex pop rubber strap watch, $74.97 (on sale), Nordstrom Rack

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Marketplace: Joie de Vivre

Joie de vivre is the French expression meaning “enjoyment of life”. It’s commonly used in English conversation to mean the joy of anything and everything. I had a weekend that was full of joie de vivre; I met a friend in Toronto for a weekend full of good meals, laughter, and great views of the (very) busy city. I’ll be sharing a few highlights on the blog this week. For now, here are some joie de vivre graphics to get the week started off right!

joie-de-vivreposter, Letters on Love

joie-white1-720x720tee, Pixel Paper Hearts

il_570xN.602197241_sfh2print, Plumed

Happy Monday, everyone!

Marc Newson & the Supersized Zipper

Industrial designer Marc Newson‘s most recent collaboration with G-Star RAW has resulted in a unique collection of t-shirts, sweatshirts and pants. Striking graphic prints, bold colours and metallic finishes make these pieces worthy investments this spring/summer.

I think this white-on-white t-shirt with the larger than large zipper print is pretty cool.

Marc Newson for G-Star RAW via Dezeen

p.s. What do you think of Marc Newson’s astronaut sweatshirt?