The Friday Five: Fred Flare

Fred Flare is an online store that carries some of the most unusual, quirky and fun products. Today I’m happy to feature five white items from the current collection at Fred Flare.

Nintendo Wii gum, $6, Fred Flare

Book: The Geometry of Pasta, $25.95, Fred Flare

Table saw cake cutter, $11, Fred Flare

Sparrow salt & pepper shakers, $14, Fred Flare

Short stacked demitasse set, $30, Fred Flare

p.s. I didn’t feature it in this post but the first item I ever bought from Fred Flare was the lipstick ballpoint pen and it is still in stock after all of these years! My most favourite Fred Flare item is this Holly GoNightly sleep mask – I use it nightly and it works like a charm!

Images courtesy of Fred Flare.