Get Your Mo On for Movember

Every man deserves a little bit of luxury.

A little bit of hair can say so much about a man.

This month, you may notice many men in your life growing mustaches. Why, you may ask? It’s Movember of course!

The Movember campaign is designed to raise awareness about prostate cancer, the number one cancer affecting men.

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Do your part – donate here or join the Mo club here.

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Canadian Cancer Society: Relay for Life

This past weekend was our local Relay for Life event. This annual event is one of the biggest fundraising events for the Canadian Cancer Society and the turnout is exceptional. Survivors, relatives, friends and neighbours come to show their support in this 12-hour (7pm-7am) event. It is always a memorable evening. One of the evening’s highlights for me is always the lighting of the luminaries. 

Detail of the Luminaries

Lined up in a row

Just as darkness fills the stadium, the message of hope (via hundreds of luminaries) shines bright all evening long.

Lit up luminaries

Shining lights


For more information about this event, please visit the Canadian Cancer Society. To make a donation, please click here.

Congratulations to Team Daniela for their amazing fundraising efforts!

Photos by me.