Furniture: The Barrymore Bordeaux

The Barrymore Bordeaux collection caught my eye recently. First, because I actually lived in Bordeaux for year during my undergraduate degree. Second, because this furniture collection is so darn pretty.

9701 Loveseat -KT31993-16 SP Metallic Highlights w shadow 9701 Sofa -BH Roma CeledonBronze w shadow 9701 Sofa -RACulliganOrchid w KT T30554-16 Brush Fringe on seats w shadow

BF-9701-Sofa--RACulliganOrchid-w-KT-T30554-16-Brush-Fringe-on-seats-detail1-w-shadow BF-9701-Sofa--RACulliganOrchid-w-KT-T30554-16-Brush-Fringe-on-seats-detail2

images via Barrymore Furniture, Bordeaux sofa starts from $6944

The Bordeaux collection would look out of place in my more mid-century and minimalist living room, but I could easily see a small settee in my bedroom near a window.