Pop Up! Life in NYC

Corie and I often have lengthy conversations about the cities we each live in, what they have to offer, and how we engage with our communities. Sometimes we really do believe that we should trade places – I move to NYC to live the busy city life à la Carrie Bradshaw while Corie’s family of five move to low-key London, Ontario to enjoy the great schools and parks (and space for three kiddies to run!). Living in any city has its ups and downs, of course. Here’s a peek as to what Corie dealt with a couple of weeks ago (and more often than not, truth be told)…


The daily debate about what to do and where to live continues and it is always just a mix of ideas. I had a great day yesterday taking the boys to the Central Park zoo and I was so happy to just be able to leave the condo and go. Completely convenient. We walked up 5th Avenue and because it was fashion week we saw lots of photographers and the fashion crowd. So fun. Then, coming home, we were crossing 8th Ave. and we saw two RATS scurry from the sidewalk into the sewer right in front of our corner Starbucks. In the daytime. What does that mean? Where do they live? My latest fear – that they are setting up camp in our storage unit area?! Life in NYC. Sigh.

White Cabana_NYC_Corie_1 White Cabana_NYC_Corie_2 White Cabana_NYC_COrie_3 White Cabana_NYC_COrie_4 White Cabana_NYC_COrie_5 White Cabana_NYC_COrie_6photos of NYC by Corie, fall 2012


Do you ever wonder if you’re living in the right place for you? Are you ever surprised at the contrasts that you see in your city? Corie and I often joke about how fancy and expensive NYC is yet it can also be so grimy and gross. Compared to NYC, the sidewalks of London, Ontario just sparkle! Kind of.