Personal: April Update of 2020 Goals

Back in January, I drafted a list of 20 things I wanted to do/see/eat/think about/read in 2020. At the end of each month, I’ve shared an update with you about what I have (or have not) been doing. Here’s the original post, and here are my updates for January, February, and March. In March, I

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Personal: February Update of 2020 Goals

Here’s the original post and my January update if you’d like to get caught up. If not, here’s how I’m making out with my 20 things I’d like to do/see/eat/think about/read in 2020. *** 1.Complete the challenges that my family and friends set for me for my 40th birthday. Two movies got crossed off my

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Two for Tuesday: Marble

Marble is never going out of style, which means I can write about it for years to come! Hooray! For today’s pair, I’m sharing two smaller marble-look items. First is this simple tumbler with marble base. The second item is this marble-look coffee maker. I know it would look great on my counter (as if

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