Food: Recipes I’ve Tried and Loved

I’ve cooked more this year than I ever have in my life. Anyone else in the same boat?

Here are some recipes I’ve tried that worked out well (and that I’ve made multiple times).

  1. Broccoli potato cheddar soup
  2. Potato leek soup (so many times!)
  3. Sheet pan garlic herb butter chicken and potatoes
  4. Chicken provencal
  5. Roast chicken
  6. Chicken noodle soup
  7. Pasta alla vecchia bettola (a version of pasta alla vodka)
  8. Slow cooker pulled pork
  9. Tuna salad cucumber bites
  10. Berry angel food cake roll (my version)
  11. Falafel (from the Gourmet Cookbook)
  12. Raw Caramel Oatmeal Cookies (which my friend and I call protein balls)
  13. Blistered green beans
  14. Sugar cookies and royal icing (my Christmas cookies, my Valentine’s cookies)
  15. Crockpot pork roast (with chicken broth)

I’ll likely add to this as 2021 progresses. It’ll become a handy recipe reference guide (at least for me, but I hope for you, too!).


  1. Jennifer murphy March 1, 2021

    Love this post! Keep the recipes coming!!! Can you do a list each seasion?

  2. Silvia Del Rosso March 1, 2021

    Great List which I will definitely reference. Thank you for your suggestions.


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