The Friday Five: Things On My Mind

  1. I went cross country skiing recently. After a year of minimal exercise, it was quite the workout!
  2. I’ve finished watching all the seasons of The Crown and all the episodes of Bridgerton. Like many (many, many) people, I enjoyed both. The stories, the costumes, the acting, and the scenery in both shows kept me entertained.
  3. If you like to be amused, check out Zillow Gone Wild. This Instagram site features properties for sale that really make you look (and wonder). This New York mansion has a violin shaped swimming pool. This place in Colorado is built around a rock. This California suburban-looking home has a surprise ceiling feature. These are the few of many interesting designs.
  4. I made this penne alla vecchia bettola recipe for my beau’s birthday, and it was a hit. I ended up making it twice in one week because it became high in demand! I’ll be making it again, I’m sure.
  5. I’m so tired of seeing all the loungewear currently being promoted on nearly every store’s website. While I haven’t worn my traditional work wear in nearly a year (suit, dress pants, dress skirts), I also don’t wear leggings or joggers every day. Generally, my daily outfit consists of jeans and a sweater. I’m aiming to document a “week of outfits” to share here or on Instagram soon. I know, I know…exciting stuff coming your way! What about you? Has your fashion changed over the last year?

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