#WhiteCabanaWearsPink: Pink Interiors

It’s October 1st, which means White Cabana will be injected with pink (#WhiteCabanaWearsPink) throughout this month to raise awareness and show support for breast cancer research. I’m starting this year’s series off with a collection of beautiful images, spaces, and products I’ve spotted across the internet.

Le Hideout – nail salon, Montreal; architect: MRDK; photo: David Dworkind
glass, Ikea

In addition to injecting pink onto the pages of my very white blog, I will be wearing pink this weekend. Why? Well, on Sunday, October 4th, I’ll be jogging 5K (CIBC Run for the Cure) to raise funds and awareness for the Canadian Cancer Society. Although the event has moved to a virtual space this year, I will be running a 5K route solo in Waterloo (on a very wide path away from people). And, yes, I will be wearing pink (#WhiteCabanaWearsPink!

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