The Friday Five: Things on My Mind

1.News. What else is there to say about the devastation that we have seen? I encourage you to donate even $1 to support our friends in Australia and to learn about the people who lost their lives in the Iranian plane crash. So many people’s lives have been affected and so many will need support to move past the trauma in the future.

2. Fun. With so much bad news in the world, it’s nice to see moments like this. Apparently two grandsons wanted to prank their grandmother, but she had other plans!

3. Advice. 30 rules for living well.

4. Video. Blow torch and hair dryer popcorn. I won’t admit how many times I watched this, but it was more than once!

5. TV. I finished watching season 3 of the The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. I just loved it!

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