The Friday Five: Festive Drinks

Here are five festive drinks to enjoy over the holidays.

1.Hot chocolate. Oh, it’s a classic winter drink, isn’t it? My aunt made the best hot chocolate when I was little.

2. Hot toddy. A classic hot toddy combines whiskey, lemon juice, honey, and water. This recipe is an easy one to try. If you’re in the Waterloo region, I recommend the hot toddy at White Rabbit.

3. Mulled wine. This is a favourite at holiday gatherings I host. I generally make it by combining Ikea glogg with red wine. You can also buy this pre-made warm n cozy mulled wine from the LCBO or make your own with this recipe.

4. Apple cider. Hot apple cider is another great drink for a holiday party, especially as a non-alcoholic option. It warms you up, and it’s sweet!

5. Cappuccino. A slow morning during the holidays calls for a foamy cappuccino. Whip up the milk with an inexpensive milk frother and add cinnamon on top. Yum! Some people like to add a shot of Bailey’s or Amaretto to their cappuccinos, but I’m a traditionalist, so I opt out.

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