Event: Singles’ Day

I recently learned that November 11th is Singles’ Day. The holiday seems to have started with young people in China who use this day to celebrate the pride they have in being single (so Wikipedia tells me). The date – 11/11 – has four single ones in it, and the number one represents a single individual. Not only are singles celebrating, but they’re also shopping! Apparently singles’ day has become the largest offline and online shopping day in the world.

Today I’m sharing a collection of great things that come in ones. We have one heart and one brain, so we should be taking excellent care of both! Dressing is easy when you opt for a one-piece dress or ski suit. A chair is great for an individual. Goggles may be plural, but it’s one piece of plastic to keep your eyes clear under water. Speaking of water, a single pitcher is great for holding a lot of liquid to serve to friends. People generally where one watch to keep track of time even if they may stack it with a collection of bangles (like I usually do). Finally, a unicycle is great for a one-person show!


  1. Michelle @ Eamonn & Jack November 11, 2019

    I bought a knock-off of that watch when I was in HK years and years ago. I haven’t worn a watch in years, but I should pull it out again – such a classic look

    • Jordana November 12, 2019

      I went through a no-watch phase for a couple of years, too. It was making me anxious! I got over that and I now find it useful…you know…to get places on time and such!


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