Design: Easy Last-Minute Halloween Decor

I think the one of the easiest ways to add a little spooky flavour into your decor is by adding bats to your walls. Wall bats are an especially easy decor option if you’re on the last-minute decor train (like me…I don’t even have a pumpkin this year!). This is an inexpensive decor strategy as you can DIY bats from black construction paper using this Martha Stewart template. It’s also not as messy as pumpkin carving. And the bats – paper or plastic – are easy to store and re-use in future years. Finally, these bats are suitable Halloween decor for inside or outside the home.

If you’re not so into bats, perhaps these skeleton flamingos are your thing. I still think they’re the best bit of outdoor Halloween decor I’ve seen this season.

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