Design: How Low Can You Go? Ep. 2

In July, when the September issue of Style at Home arrived, I challenged myself to create an even lower version than the low version of the office in the magazine’s high/low feature. Phew. Wasn’t that a mouthful? At the time, I thought that I could replicate the low office (priced at $931) into an extra low office. And I did! See what I did here.

The October issue of the magazine arrived last week, and once again, I was curious about creating an even lower version of the high/low feature. So here’s Episode 2 of How Low Can You Go?

Here’s the magazine’s high or low challenge. Take a guess!

In this issue, an entryway was featured. The high version (left) was $1815, and the low version (right) was $742. They are nearly identical though, aren’t they?

While I tried my best to find exact matches with online retailers, I have a few variations in my product choices. Read on to see the total cost of my version of this entryway design.

Desk – $157.99
Mirror – $117.99 (25” diameter)
Clothing rack – $39.99
Coat rack – $29.99
Woven planter – $11.11
Stool – $6.88
Wall hook – $2.68
Set of 3 baskets – $40.99
White light fixture – $43.64
Plant pot – large – $6.99
Plant pot – small – $2.99
Rug – $17.99
Total cost: $479.23 CAD

Add some plants and green paint, and this entryway is complete.

The total cost for my extra low version of the entryway is $479.23 CAD, which is $300 less than Style at Home’s low version! I find it so interesting that you can get similar items at such different price points. The two hardest items to find for my version were the wooden stool and the rug. I found it a challenge to beat Ikea’s versions and price points of these two items.

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