Fashion: Polka Dots for Fall

Polka dots are a recurring pattern here on White Cabana. I’ve featured them in fashion and and décor, and I still find them hard to resist. I added this affordable polka dot skirt to my wardrobe this summer, and I just love wearing it!

Now I can’t stop looking around for inspiration on how to style it (year-round!). Here are five pairing options for polka dots.

1.Pair polka dots with colourful shoes.

2. Pair polka dots with more polka dots.

Petar Petrov via Vogue

3. Pair polka dots with sneakers.

Ludlow dress, $197CAD
photo: Angela Datre; via Fashionista

4. Pair polka dots with an oversize sweater.

5. Pair polka dots with a leather jacket.

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