The Friday Five: Things on My Mind

1.Birthday Time. My birthday is next week, and it’s a big one. I’m pretty excited because I have four days of birthday festivities planned (in addition to the early surprise birthday dinner friends threw me last month). I’m looking forward to seeing family and friends (and eating cake, too)! I’m asking family and friends to give me challenges for this year, so if you’d like to suggest something you’d like me to do/you think I should do in the year(s) ahead, please leave a comment. So far, I’ve watched all three Godfather movies (thanks E&J), and I started reading The Republic by Plato (thanks J). I’m loving the diverse challenges I’m getting!

2. Vocabulary. I analyze words on the daily…both online and offline. Recently I have noticed an overuse of certain words around the blogosphere and Instagram, and they are driving me crazy. For example, why do so many people use the word “literally”? And why is “I’m obsessed” the common reaction to food, clothes, beauty products, and more? Are people really obsessed with lipstick and shoes? Obsessed? I also get annoyed with the “swipe” notices on Instagram. Do people still need this instruction? Can they not see the arrows on photos or Instagram stories? Are there any terms that you are getting tired of (e.g., yasssss, that’s so fashion)?

3. Articles. A friend sent me a link to the article The Life Changing Magic of Making Do by Benjamin Leszcz, which led me to read Ann Patchett’s My Year of No Shopping, and Gillian B. White’s Why Urban Millenials Love Uniqlo. Each article is a commentary on consumerism, over-spending, valuing what we own, and making do.

4. Books. I finished Thank You for Being Late: An Optimist’s Guide to Thriving in the Age of Acceleration by Thomas L. Friedman. I enjoyed it from front to back. I have a longer post drafted about it. Stay tuned. I also finished Daisy Jones & The Six, a novel by Taylor Jenkins Reid. I thought it was fine. Bloggers and others who have left reviews online rave about it, but I didn’t love it. I found it hard to get into and repetitive. I also thought the character development was predictable.

5. Netflix. I haven’t watched TV in a couple of weeks. The last thing I watched was Aziz Ansari’s Right Now comedy show. He was funny.


  1. Angela Sowten July 19, 2019

    * Hi Jordana, it’s Friday Yassss! You have a birthday coming up and 4 days of celebration, OMG that’s so fashion! I am literally obsessed with birthday parties. Can’t wait to swipe through your insta post for all the pics! Good vibes only. *. Hahaha hope you enjoyed my play on words Jordana, I also don’t quite understand the misuse and overuse of certain words and phrases on social media. My top are “I’m obsessed”, “OMG” and “good vibes only” although I am guilty of using the ‘yasss’ emoji a time or two. Enjoy this gorgeous summer day Jordana. Angela

    • Jordana July 19, 2019

      I definitely appreciated your play on words! I definitely use OMG in text speak, but if I take a step back and analyze why, my use of it really doesn’t make sense. I’m going to reduce my use of it…I don’t like it much.

  2. Lana July 22, 2019

    What about catching your first fish??
    Happy Early Birthday

    • Jordana July 22, 2019

      Yes! I’ll add it to the list (and check it off, too)!


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