Marketplace: Gucci Décor

I recently came across a piece from the Gucci décor collection, and then I went down a rabbit hole exploring the Gucci website. And now I’m sharing my favourite décor finds with you!

I love these porcelain pieces; they’re like none I’ve seen elsewhere. I’m drawn to the evil eye and lion pieces especially. And the star print box with the hand handle.

vase, $5360CAD; star print box, $705CAD; star print lion candle, $775CAD; XL cat candle, $750CAD; lion trinket tray, $445CAD; ‘Maison de l’amour’ candle, $585CAD; eye mug, $350CAD; bee incense burner, $235CAD; eye print box, $585CAD; bee candle, $350CAD

Now I just need to wait for a sale!

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