Flowers: Pretty in White

Continuing on with Daniela’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide post from yesterday, I thought I’d continue on today with pretty floral arrangements. Flowers are one of my favourite things to give to my mom – which she totally appreciates, too. My mom is a retired florist, which means that I can grab bunches of flowers from the market, and she can whip them into a gorgeous arrangement. These days, I think she prefers all one type of flower (an abundance, if possible) that she can arrange into a large vessel. I’m not sure what the market will have for Mother’s Day next week, but I’ll definitely be buying something (spoil alert, Mom! I know you’re reading this. I also know you’re probably not surprised.)

frosted white beauty, Wildflora
orchid planter, Wildflora
Michelle Beller photography, via Ruffled

Do you give flowers to your mom? To others? Do you know anyone who doesn’t like them?

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