The Friday Five: Things on My Mind

Okay. So here’s what’s been on my mind lately.

1.Travel. One of the things I’m thankful my parents did for me was to expose me to languages and countries of the world. They traveled with two young kids all over the world, and even though I may not remember much from those early days of travel, the stories and photos show the excitement of exploring foreign places. The travel bug has stayed with me all of these years, and while I may have made return trips to some favourite spots (Florida, North Carolina, France, Italy), I’m always grateful to explore new places. Japan was on the top of my travel list for so long, and I am thankful that I was able to make it happen this year. I know travel is a luxury for many people (Japan, overall, was an expensive two weeks), but I think it is so important to try to set aside funds to explore places near and far. Travel is such a rewarding learning experience (and we all know that I’m all about learning!).

2. Montreal. Speaking of traveling, I’m off to Montreal next month, and my friend Shannon and I are already scouting out restaurants. Any recommendations? We’re going to try to get to Toqué (currently Canada’s 3rd best restaurant according to this guide), but they’re already full for the days, so unless someone cancels, we’re not going to be able to visit it.

3. Life is too short. Just two days ago, a colleague was hit by a car and died. She was just walking on the sidewalk midday on a sunny afternoon. It’s crazy. Just like that, her life was taken away.

4. Book. I have started listening to Multipliers: How Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter by Liz Wiseman and Greg McKeown. So far, it’s interesting.

5. Netflix. I started watching Schitt’s Creek. I’m laughing my way through it. I started watching it a while ago, but never got into it. Now, I’m into it. Have you watched it?


  1. Silvia Del rosdo April 26, 2019

    So sad to hear about your colleague. Life really is too short. So happy you are travelling and having fun!

    • Jordana April 28, 2019

      It is indeed too short. Awful

  2. Tina Beynen April 26, 2019

    Jordana, I’m so sorry to hear about your colleague! Such a shock to the system when something like that happens. I really only started exploring Montreal in earnest last summer, but a friend and I stumbled upon Jardin Nelson. It’s right in the heart of old Montreal. From the outside, looks like a lovely, old building – which is it, but when you go inside, it’s all open air. There is multi-level seating and there was a jazz quartet playing. The food was great. Although I only have the one experience, would go back again. I’m going to be in Montreal May 26-29 for a little get-away and to see Florence and the Machine!

    • Jordana April 28, 2019

      It was a tragedy. Absolutely awful. 🙁

      Thanks for the info about Jardin Nelson. Looks so pretty! Have fun on your own trip to Montreal! I’m sure the concert will be fantastic!


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