Marketplace: Hop To It

Do you celebrate Easter? Do you decorate your house? Do you organize an Easter egg hunt? What are your plans?

Growing up, Easter was always a low-key holiday. Like many Italians, the holiday included a big family lunch. Beyond that, my parents gave my sister and me one big chocolate Easter egg each. You know the ones…massive, wrapped in colourful foil? They’re big in Italy, and the tradition carried over here for immigrant Italians, too. I still love them, in fact. Last year, I switched things up, and I gave one to each of my parents. They’re good for sharing! Hint. Hint.

Beyond the big chocolate egg, a nice family meal, and egg colouring (of course!), I don’t have many Easter traditions. I don’t redecorate my home, I don’t bring a stored collection of bunnies out from hiding, and I don’t host anything at my own home.

If I did decorate, I’d keep things white (of course) as I don’t love pastels. A cute bowl or two would be easy to incorporate into my existing decor. And I’d fill them up with chocolate! Here are some of the bunnies that caught my eye around the online marketplace.

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