The Friday Five: Things on My Mind

1.Enneagram. Interested in learning more about yourself and your personality? Have you completed an Enneagram test? I did. I’m Type 3: The Achiever. No surprise there. This description is fairly accurate.

2. Truths about life. I enjoyed reading this list of 88 truths about life. There were several reminders that I need to keep top of mind rather than bury away when life is too busy.

3. Netflix. I haven’t spent much time in front of the TV these last couple of weeks, but I did watch two stand-up comedy shows: Jim Gaffigan and Ricky Gervais. Both made me laugh.

4. Science & Art. I went to a talk at the University of Waterloo this week about the science of touch and what governs our sense of attachment. It was interesting. The first speaker, a professor of neuroscience, spoke of the brain and what governs our desire to be close to one another. One thing that stuck with me was her explanation that a 3cm per second caress trigger a positive sense of touch, but a 30cm per second caress doesn’t. I know her research is much more complicated than this one example, but this was something easy for me to remember! The other speaker, a professor in the medical humanities, spoke about her research about care and touch, which included an analysis of the movie Under the Skin. Is emotion in my realm of research interests? Not at all. Did I learn something new? Of course! Am I grateful that I live in a city with two universities that offer public lectures? You bet!

5. Don’t apologize for being successful. This was one of the pieces of advice Andi Petrillo – a Canadian sports broadcaster – shared in a keynote presentation I attended last night. Such a good reminder.


  1. Silvia Del rosso March 29, 2019

    I enjoy these posts so much. I learn so much from you!

    • Jordana March 29, 2019

      I’m glad you do!


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