The Friday Five: Things on My Mind

1.Monday. The week started off, well, not great. I left my laptop in Toronto, I got a couple of unnecessary parking tickets (seriously – a couple!? Who gets a couple on one day!?), and major winds made my commute less than fun. I wanted to fall asleep and wake up to springtime sun. But, nope, didn’t happen. The week continued. It sort of got better, but it still wasn’t my most fun or memorable week. C’est la vie!

2. Oscars. I didn’t watch the Oscars. On account of my forgotten computer, I had much work to catch-up on, so the Oscars wasn’t a priority. Instead, I got the highlights on Twitter and Instagram. I know the Oscars are about recognizing brilliance in movies, but I was distracted by many of the gowns that floated across the red carpet. There were plenty of capes, pink, and sparkle. Regina King looked stunning in white, and Ashley Graham looked beautiful in black Zac Posen. Tina Fey looked lovely in royal blue and Helen Mirren in soft pink. I think my favourite gown was by Alexander McQueen worn by Lady Gaga. I didn’t love her hair, makeup, or jewelry that everyone else was raving about, but as soon as I saw the dress, I loved it.

And Selma Blair. Oh, Selma. I loved her soft, colourful dress. She looked incredible. I didn’t know she had been diagnosed with MS. Did you see her interview on Good Morning America? I cried.

3. Books. I took out Mimi Thorisson‘s French Country Cooking from the library. As if I wasn’t already fascinated enough by Mimi’s life in Europe, this book has further sealed the deal. I started following Mimi’s blog – Manger – when she first moved to her village chateaux in Médoc, France. That was years ago. And now, this book!

It’s a cookbook, yes, but Mimi also weaves in stories of her home and family throughout. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Mimi makes me want to move to France and follow in her footsteps. Not that I have looked up properties for sale or anything…hmm…okay, so maybe I have.

4. Milestone birthdays. My sister and I had a chat about my upcoming birthday. It’s a milestone birthday…hint…I’m not 20. She asked me what I wanted to do, and, really, I have no idea. How’d you celebrate your big number birthday?

5. A Video. Need to smile today? Watch this video.

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