Two for Tuesday: Happy Halloween!

There’s one house in Uptown Waterloo that is particularly spooky at this time of year. Even though I know exactly where it is, and I know it’s coming up when I go for a walk, it still spooks me. Every time. I hesitate when I walk by – part of me picks up the pace because I’d rather get by it quickly, but the other part of me is so darn curious that I want to see every creative detail!

The homeowners have quite the skeleton collection, and they’ve placed them in amusing – and spooky – positions. They also have a yard full of tombstones (or RIPs as my nephews used to call them), and bats are flying around the property, too. These homeowners have certainly got Halloween under control!

Imagine the total opposite of this yard…and you’ll get my house. I have my candy ready to hand out to the kiddies (or, more like, one for you, one for me!), but I don’t even have a pumpkin!

Happy Halloween!




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