Fashion: Chiara Ferragni’s Molly Heels

I adore these Chiara Ferragni Molly heels. I don’t know where I’d ever wear them, but I definitely think they’re fun and fabulous!

Molly-heels-Chiara-Ferragni-Collection-3 Molly-heels-Chiara-Ferragni-Collection-1 Molly-heels-Chiara-Ferragni-Collection-2Molly heels, €459.00, Chiara Ferragni


  1. I follow Chiara on social media and I love her style. It’s quirky and fun and she pulls off everything so well! These shoes are awesome, I love the feathery pointed toe!

    • Jordana October 16, 2015

      She has really done some amazing things with her career, hasn’t she? I like seeing how her style changes depending on where she is. I feel like her Milan outfits are much more tailored/classic/modern than her LA outfits which are more rock-n-roll/grunge/casual. What do you think?


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