Blogging: Unexpected Mini-Break is Over

You’ve heard me say how fun blogging is, right? Well, it is. Except for those times when malicious coding somehow infiltrates your blog, and it takes hours for expert programmers to remove the code and make sure everything on your site is as it should be. Yeah, those days are not so fun. I just had a couple of these days, but they’re now over, and I’m back to regular blogging! To celebrate…

4-15-14-you look like the right type-mark addisonvia You Look Like The Right Type



  1. somuchbetterwithagee June 24, 2014

    Ugh, don’t you hate days like those? Welcome back!!

    • Jordana June 25, 2014

      Totally frustrating – sometimes I wish I was a computer programmer. At least everything wasn’t lost!

  2. EyeCandyPopper June 27, 2014

    So glad it wasn’t a bad ending!


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