My new old-fashioned toy

I haven’t been this excited in a long time: I have a new film camera!

It’s a Lomography lc-A + with a Russina lens – the brand that came up with those super saturated images now known as Instagram effects on digital captures. This is where that started. There was a film camera before there was the Internet, remember? Seems like forever ago. This camera has a lens that is ready for effects and adventure. You’ll know instantly what I mean when you see what she can do- and my images of my images here didn’t do justice to the beautiful prints I have.

I’m in *love* with my camera. Sadly there aren’t enough people driving business for Lomography’s rent payments on Toronto’s Queen West and the necessary profit margins, so the shop closed. Online is open 24/7 though.

I shot my first roll of film and it was incredible. I wish I could turn these all into black and white images to post them all here. I promise to shoot a roll for you. Maybe for the first snow this fall?

Here are a few snaps from the roll:

image At Sandbanks’dunes this summer


View of the CN Tower from the parkette at the CBC


My sister in front of her new house, two weeks before the move


My nephew Maxime at the Winnipeg Zoo’s butterfly garden,

one month before his sixth birthday

All images by me.

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