Icons in B&W

Since not everyone likes all things in full colour, designer Anton Repponen came up with a new set of iPhone icons for the B&W discerning folks to use. Unfortunately, these only exist in the realm of design and fiction.

Here are more images of what you would get if this was actually downloadable:

All images courtesy of Anton Repponen


  1. Si February 23, 2012

    Awesome, i would download this in a heart beat! Great find!

  2. Jordana February 23, 2012

    Why doesn’t this already exist? For us colourphobic people!? Thanks for bringing the work of Anton Repponen to us Johanne!

  3. Johanne February 24, 2012

    My pleasure! I wish there were awesome icons like these to swap- maybe there are. Will check.


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