Fashion: White Shirts

I love looking at my white shirts lined up so nicely in a row.

my white shirt collection

p.s. Yes – I do spend a lot of time ironing. I’m thinking of investing in a Rowenta. I tried out the steam iron at Toronto Fashion Week and it seemed to iron well. Does anyone have one?

Photos by Jordana.


  1. Johanne November 2, 2011

    Are those really all your white shirts?!?!??!?!? Holy smokes that’s a lot of.. white shirts!

    • Jordana November 3, 2011

      Yup – it’s yet another collection of mine. And it takes up a lot of closet space. And I’m sure a few didn’t make it into the photo because they were looking sad and wrinkled and were waiting to be ironed.

  2. Boba November 7, 2011

    I got my daughter Gen a Rowenta iron a few years ago. She’s a big ironing fan. Not sure where she got those genes, but I must admit I’ve grown to kinda like ironing now (with my regular ol’ iron). It’s a peaceful sort of domestic chore. Warm and it smells good. Like washing dishes by hand. Next time you meet up with Gen at Kate & Patrick’s, you could ask her how she likes it.

    • Jordana November 11, 2011

      I tried out a Rowenta at Toronto Fashion Week and it felt so easy and comfortable. I will continue to do some research and see if my budget allows for a new fancy iron. Can you believe that I still use a table top ironing board. It’s so annoying but it’s so little and cute that I can’t part with it quite yet.
      And yes – I agree with you – ironing and doing the dishes are peaceful chores. Unlike vacuuming (grrr…).


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