Why I Want a Fiat 500: Reasons 401-500

Well – here we go – my final 100 reasons for why I want a Fiat 500. I hope you’ve enjoyed the series (read earlier posts here, here, here, and here). I’m sad to see it end, I’ve got to tell you!

Then & Now (source)

401. I like the Fiat 500 as much now as I did when I originally learned about it.

402. I know more about this car than any other car.

403. I have had some interesting Fiat 500 conversations with people I never would have otherwise talked to. That’s been kind of cool.

404. I still don’t own a Fiat – even though I’ve written over 400 reasons for wanting one.

405. Fiat hasn’t paid me to write these posts.

406. Fiat hasn’t given me a t-shirt for writing these posts.

407. Fiat hasn’t given me a mug for writing these posts.

408. It might not come as a surprise but Fiat hasn’t given me a car for writing these posts.

409. I wouldn’t be opposed to accepting a donated Fiat if anyone has an extra one.

410. Maybe some of the people who have purchased more than one Fiat (as mentioned here) would want me to take one off of their hands.

411. I would join the Fiat FreakOut.

412. “FreakOut is a weekend packed with adventure. We get together, talk FIAT, eat, drive FIAT, talk FIAT, hang out, relax, talk FIAT, drive FIAT, meet new friends and old, talk FIAT, have big parking lot parties late into the night, again talking FIAT” (source)

413. Some might think that I’ve already got the freak(out) to go with the Fiat.

414. Fiat FreakOut exhibit A.

415. Fiat FreakOut exhibit B.

416. Fiat FreakOut exhibit C.

417. Fiat FreakOut exhibit D.

418. This year’s Fiat FreakOut (this past weekend) was in Nashville, Tennessee.

419. I don’t know anyone who went but if I ever go, I’m sure I would meet loads of people.

420. A one year membership to Fiat Lancia Unlimited is $35USD.

421. I wonder what’s in the Fiat Lancia Unlimited membership welcome packet.

422. I really should have been invited to the the Fiat FreakOut. Don’t you agree?

423. You can look at photos from the Fiat FreakOut event in Nashville here. (No photos of me this year. I wasn’t there.)

424. @Fiat500Canada hasn’t stopped following me on Twitter even though it sometimes seems like I’m taking up way too much of their time.

425. @FiatUSA has been a supportive Twitter follower. They are so kind with all their RTs and #FFs. Thanks @FiatUSA!

426. @Fiatontheweb encourages me too and I appreciate their RTs & #FFs too. Grazie.

427. Fernando Alonso likes Fiat on Facebook.

428. I think I could trust Fernando Alonso.

429. Fernando Alonso is a Formula 1 race car driver.

430. There it is again – in Letters to Juliet.

(Thanks for sending this photo my way Erica.)

431. There’s a Fiat app.

432. Look at all the people who have drawn on the Fiat 500.

433. I wouldn’t draw on mine if I owned one.

434. At the time of writing this post, 187, 692 people liked FiatUSA on Facebook.

435. At the time of writing this post, 4, 397 people liked Fiat 500 Canada on Facebook.

436. At the time of writing this post, 175, 819 people liked Fiat on Facebook.

437. At the time of writing this post, 175, 151 people liked Fiat 500 on Facebook.

438. At the time of writing this post, just over 500 people liked Fiat Lancia Unlimited’s Facebook page.

439. I actually haven’t “liked” any of these pages on Facebook…yet.

440. But I do read these Facebook pages (much too frequently to admit).

441. I would drive my Fiat 500 to the mall. My favourite in Toronto is Sherway Gardens.

442. I would drive my Fiat 500 to White Oaks & Masonville malls in London.

443. There are so many potential photo opportunities with the Fiat 500.

444. And I know where I would post the photos (see #434-438).

445. I’ve talked about the Fiat 500 with various bloggers.

446. Erica and I, for example, have had numerous discussions. We are going to win the lottery. Then we’re going to buy each other Fiat 500s.

447. Erica put the Gucci Fiat 500 on her wish list.

448. I think it would be much sweeter if Fiat gave each of us hard working bloggers a Fiat 500 sample. Yes, a sample.

449. Fiat 500 is the perfect sample size.


450. The Fiat Lancia Unlimited forum page has lots of interesting bits of information.

451. I’m thinking of putting “Wanted: Free/discounted Fiat 500” in the “Stuff Wanted” section of the forum page.

452. It would be kind of cool to be a member of an Italian car club.

453. Who are these girls? And where is the Fiat Playa?

454. The Fiat 500 looks good – even in the rain (example).

455. The majority of the Fiat 500s are white if you Google Images Fiat 500. It’s a sign, right?

456. Have you seen this Fiat 500 music video? Get ready!

457. Watching the video makes me want one even more. (Hmm…the power of advertising, right?)

458. Watching the video makes me think of the tv show, How It’s Made. I love that show!

459. I would buy these Fiat sneakers:

Fiat sneakers, $109, Yoox

460. The number of Fiat footwear options available surprises me (see #351).

461. I would probably spend as much money on Fiat footwear as gas.

462. Check out Kelly Beall’s (of Design Crush) report of her recent adventure with Nissan. Sounds like Nissan treated this fabulous blogger quite well. Hint, hint Fiat!

463. Anne Sage (of The City Sage) also travelled to Seattle (courtesy of Nissan) to explore the 2012 Nissan Versa. Read about her driving experience here. Hint, hint, Fiat.

464. I just love how Nissan has treated these bloggers. Hint, hint Fiat.

465. Maybe I should rethink the Nissan Versa?

466. What does anyone know about the Versa?

467. Oh, but it would be so hard to turn my back on the Fiat 500 after 500 reasons!

468. There was complimentary espresso and gelato at the Fiat FreakOut this past weekend in Nashville.

469. See #422.

see #468. (source)

470. How often does someone create a list of 500 things?

471. It must be pretty special if I’ve devoted this much of my time (and space) to writing about it.

472. I would drive to Toronto’s Little Italy in the Fiat 500.

473. I would drive to Woodbridge, Ontario in the Fiat 500.

474. I would definitely take my uncle for a spin (and to the Woodbridge Fiat Thursday night car gathering).

475. Mackenzie would sit in the back seat.

476. Apparently a 6’5″ man fit comfortably in the Fiat 500 (as reported on Facebook).

477. I don’t think I know anyone who is 6’5″ but it’s handy information to have.

478. Has anyone met a 6’5″ Italian?

479. I think my uncle is 6′ so I’m sure he’d be comfortable.

480. I like this Fiat DIY but I don’t want to settle for it:


481. A mini paper car just doesn’t compare to the real thing.

482. I’ll make two of these paper Fiats for my nephews.

483. They’ll crush them within minutes, I’m sure.

484. In the summer, I would drive my Fiat around cities (I like to travel, if you didn’t already know!) and check out local ice cream shops. Gelaterias, if you will.

485. In the fall, I would drive my Fiat around the countryside and take pictures of the colourful leaves.

486. In the winter, I would drive my Fiat to the curling rink.

487. In the spring, I would drive my Fiat with the windows rolled down – in preparation for summer.

488. The Fiat 500 is a four season car. Good thing because we have four seasons where I live.

489. I gesti italiani – the gesture language of Italians. I love that Fiat has a link on their Facebook page about this.

490. It’s probably unsafe to gesture and drive at the same time.

491. Although, for most Italians, I’m sure gesturing just comes naturally (whereas texting, for example, takes serious concentration).

492. I used the Fiat 500 typehand tool to create this:


493. There remain seven reasons to complete this list. Woah.

494. The Fiat 500 is “bumper-to-bumper cool” (source).

495. Yes – i do know what bumpers are.

496. Read about the safety tests the Fiat 500 goes through here.

497. I LOVE this How To section on the Fiat UK website. Although, changing a wheel still intimidates me.

498. That’s why I have CAA.

499. In the UK, there’s a Fiat rewards program. Awesome.

500. It’s my birthday today. Best reason of them all!


  1. Silvia July 25, 2011

    Happy Birthday, Jordana: May all your FIAT wishes come true for you!

    • Jordana July 25, 2011

      Thank you! One day I’ll own a Fiat. I can’t just get rid of my obsession. Especially after this series of posts! Thanks for your encouragement!

  2. Kate July 31, 2011

    Hi Jordana! I found your blog a while ago by googling I WANT A FIAT 500!
    Definitely planning for one soon, to replace my little Fiat Seicento.
    AAHH, I LOVE 500S! ♥♥♥
    I really hope you get one. 🙂 (Even a free one from Fiat for blogging so much!)

    • Jordana July 31, 2011

      Hey Kate,
      I’m always happy to hear from another Fiat fan. I’m totally jealous that you have a Fiat Seicento. Fiats are so nice! Thanks for hoping I get a free one. That would be an unbelievable dream. Truly!

  3. Claudia August 31, 2011

    501. FIAT stands for Fix It Again Tony!

    • Jordana August 31, 2011

      Oh my goodness – my dad says the exact same thing!

  4. Patricia Bernadette Sheridan May 2, 2012

    Oh my gosh…I am just like you. Thank you so much for this blog. The Fiat 500 FINALLY arrived in America last year. I want one so badly…and I mightt get one in less than a month :’) I have the same dream though…getting a free Fiat. Thank you for the Fiat commercials, from Canada I’m guessing. I hope we both get our dream car one day <3
    (This blog is from a year ago…did you get your fiat??)

    • Jordana May 2, 2012

      Hi Patricia,
      Thank you so much for your enthusiastic reply! I’m always happy to talk FIAT with others. Sadly – I don’t have one but I’m still dreaming of owning one some day. What colour are you going to get?

      • Patricia Bernadette Sheridan May 2, 2012

        Ahhhhhh, there are a few colours that I can’t choose from. My favourites: Espresso, Mocha Latte, Verde Chiaro, and Rame. One of those colours with a beige roof 🙂
        What colour would you get?


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