Andrew Richard Designs

I’m completely settling in nicely to summer now that some amazing weather has come my way. I love spending time on any sort of patio…especially if it has comfortable seating. If I had a large enough patio of my own I would seriously consider this piece from Canadian outdoor furniture company Andrew Richard Designs. And a matching footrest would be nice too.

teak & stainless steel Sillouette Lounge Chair, $3995

p.s. For some outdoor inspiration, check out Andrew Richard Designs’ project portfolio page.


  1. Silvia July 18, 2011

    It looks very comfortable and sophisticated although a little pricey considering it’s seasonal seating!

    • Jordana July 20, 2011

      I know – I hate when the price is way out of my budget!

  2. Boba July 18, 2011

    This chair would be perfect INSIDE my condo. If my condo were twice the size it is. Maybe that’s why it’s outdoor furniture???

    • Jordana July 20, 2011

      If I owned this chair I’d definitely use it indoors. Too pretty to be ruined by our harsh winters and heated summers!


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