The Karat by Delsey

The Delsey Karat (spotted in Lonny) is something I have quickly added to my wish list. There are four different sizes in the Karat collection and each piece of luggage is available in black, silver or white.

Delsey Karat carry-on luggage, $446, available at Bloomingdales

Isn’t it a good looking piece of luggage?


  1. Shannon (8foot6) July 13, 2011

    how long will it stay white I wonder? But it is GOOOD looking!

    • Jordana July 13, 2011

      As a carry-on, I think it could stay white for a while (especially if I would use those magic erasers to clean it). As a check-in luggage – yeah – it would probably turn black in no-time which would definitely make me sad!


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