I recently had the opportunity to visit Chicago for the first time. Oh, wow! What an absolutely amazing city! If you like art, architecture, food and fashion (or any combination of these things), then a visit to Chicago is a must! Chicago also offers plenty of comedic and musical entertainment. Although my five-day stay was work-related, I did manage to play tourist in between work obligations.

Although Chicago is often referred to as the windy city, I much prefer its other name, the white city. There are plenty of white buildings, doors and art around the city. You can imagine how happy I was to be surrounded by all of this white!

One of the highlights on this trip was the 75-minute architecture tour boat some of us took over a lunch break. We listened to the history of many (if not all!) buildings on either side of the river. Another amazing experience was eating tiramisu (yum) on the 96th floor of the John Hancock tower. The view from here was absolutely incredible (and just a tad scary).

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