5 for 2011: The Second Check-Up

Back in January – oh so long ago – I created a list of 5 personal goals for 2011 (click here to read it). Near the end of the month, I posted an update here. I thought it’s now time for a second review of my progress.

1. Wear rings. Yes – I’m trying. For the past several weeks I have worn mainly this silver triple ring that I have had since highschool:

I bought this black sparkler from Banana Republic and wore it a few times:

Keeping my nails polished has been especially encouraging for my ring wear.

2. Embrace the cold weather. It’s still winter. It’s still cold. Darn. Although the sun has been peeking out more (in between the rain) which gives me hope that spring is in fact on its way, even if it’s on the slow train. I have basically been living in my UGGs and Hunter boots this winter. Thank goodness for warm and dry feet!

UGG & Hunter boots

I have also been happily enjoying my Sunday afternoons of curling. There’s an energetic and lively bunch of people in the club and it’s such a social sport! I recently scored this vintage curling sweater which keeps me fully warm and I think it brings me some good luck too!

3. Host more parties. It’s been a decent month of hosting. In the past several weeks, I’ve hosted brunch, dinner and a weekend guest (Johanne!).

4. Try new recipes. I’ve tried to make progress with this goal. Honestly. For one dinner, I turned to David Rocco for some help. I made this oh-so-delicious lentil soup and rucola & pear salad.

I also made these sugar-free muffins for a meeting. Pretty darn good – they didn’t taste sugar-free. They were also super quick and easy to make.

5. Learn more about London, Ontario. I have quite a bit to report on for this goal. Near the beginning of February I attended a talk at London Museum. I’ve lived in this city for almost three years and I had yet to go inside this awesome building. I’m glad I finally did because white is everywhere!

staircase at Museum London

I also attended Ignite London at the Aeolian Hall. What an evening of creativity and inspiration. I’m already looking forward to the next event.

I went to see The Comos play at the Old Victorian Tavern. Sax + bass + old school tunes = an awesome night out! I’ve seen The Comos play a few times now but visiting the Old Vic was a new experience for me.

Another new place I visited was Call the Office to see Montreal band Plants & Animals perform. It was a friend’s birthday and so the night was full of fun!


Finally, I went to watch a curling game at the John Labatt Centre (JLC). Two firsts for me. The Brier (a.k.a. Canadian men’s curling championship) has been in London for the last week and being the amateur curler that I am, I had to go check it out. Watching professional curling for the first time was great! I had also never been to the JLC before and I thought this was the perfect occasion to see what it was all about Oh, the excitement! (And yes, of course I wore my curling sweater!)

The Brier at the JLC, London

Oh gosh – what a long post that was today. Lots of updates for everyone and maybe a new place or two to check out if you’re ever in London, Ontario!


  1. I want to start wearing rings too, and I really like the both of yours.
    Also, I didn’t know that you played curling (or? is that what this activity is called, playing? or is it just curling? yeah, sorry anyway). I always watch it during the Olympic games, even though I don’t really know the rules.

    • Jordana March 12, 2011

      I spotted some rings in one of your recent posts. The gold/blue one is fantastic!
      As far as curling – it’s just “curling”. We can simply say “I curl”. We don’t play curling, we just curl. 🙂 It’s harder than it looks!

  2. Adrienne March 12, 2011

    I love your goals!! Well done. Once it gets nicer out (I’m such a hermit in winter!) then I’m in for exploring a little more of London with you.

    And next year … count me in for curling!

    • Jordana March 12, 2011

      Sounds great Adrienne! I refuse to be a hermit in winter…hence the “I won’t complain about the winter” goal.

  3. sarah March 12, 2011

    I think that if you find a vintage sweater of that level of cuteness you’re obliged to start playing that sport (lucky you found it after you had already started playing!). Oh and Plants and Animals are so great! Were they good live? Were you familiar with them before? Last, but certainly not least (!), thanks so much for posting about hellomydearblog on Miss Moss! That was so kind of you and I’m flattered to be in your top 3! What an honor! Have a great weekend!

    • Jordana March 12, 2011

      Hi Sarah,
      I have been loving your blog. Can’t remember where I first got word of it but I’ve been a happy reader ever since. I love fabulous new discoveries, don’t you? Congrats on all your work so far!
      I ADORE my curling sweater. It’s just perfect (and warm!).
      I had never heard of Plants & Animals before but I liked them. My friends (who are long-time fans) said that the concert wasn’t as good as their latest album. I didn’t notice though. And no, I don’t have their latest album yet but it’s on my shopping list!


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