The Saanen Goat: Memories of Switzerland

As the fall weather approaches, I can’t help but think of my summer days in Switzerland. In addition to the large amount of cows I saw, I had the opportunity to have a good close look at the white Saanen goat.

Saanen goats

The Saanen Goat

Photos by Jordana.


  1. shannon October 21, 2010

    You really did get up close and personal with the Saanen goat this year! Hey, remember that incident that time??? The goat was never the same. 🙂

    • Jordana October 21, 2010

      Oh yes – “The Incident”. Good times.

  2. Anu October 28, 2010

    Never seen goats like these before….so cute.

    • Jordana October 28, 2010

      They’re kind of cute in the photo but to tell you the truth, I thought they were kind of scary in real life. Their eyes particularly spooked me! Thanks for your comment Anu!

  3. Leah June 2, 2011

    Hi Jordana…Love the pictures you took of the Saanens! I was wondering if you would ever grant permission to use them as a reference for a painting. I love them both but especially the one of the herd. I am an artist that works in acrylics and am currently working on a series of work for the American Dairy Goat Association Convention. I would so love to paint these goats, but only with permission.

    kindest regards

    • Jordana June 2, 2011

      Oh wow Leah – thank you so much for your kind words. It would be so cool to have these photos turned into paintings! I will be in touch via email.


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