Paper world

Matthew Sporzynski's paper creations appear in Real Simple magazine.

Artist Matthew Sporzynski is the kind of artist we love to celebrate. His paper creations are whimsical and cheerful, reviving everyday objects and reminding us of our Western lifestyle.

We love peeking at his replicas and wondering how he created a bowl full of popcorn or a clothesline of office basics.

Laundry clothesline by Matthew Sporzynski

Pencils by Matthew Sporzynski

Pots and dirt by Matthew Sporzynski

Tomato plant by Matthew Sporzynski

Strawberries by Matthew Sporzynski

Popcorn by Matthew Sporzynski

Images courtesy of Real Simple Magazine where you can view many more of Matthew Sporzynski’s beautiful paper creations.


  1. Michelle July 14, 2010

    His work is just awesome!! Love.

    • Johanne July 30, 2010

      Thanks for your comment! I was blown away by his work- I also really enjoyed the coloured paper creations he has made. Spectacular paper!

      • Jordana August 2, 2010

        It’s incredible what can be made from the simplest of materials. This was a great feature Johanne!


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