The Friday Five: Bedrooms

Welcome to White Cabana’s new feature: The Friday Five. Enjoy.

via Country Living

via Dress Design Decor

via this is glamorous

Phoebe Howard via this is glamorous

via Dress Design Decor

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Have a lovely weekend!

 Photos courtesy of Desire to Inspire, Dress Design Decor, This is Glamorous.


  1. franca February 26, 2010

    OH! but these are so so serene and lovely. I can’t pick a favourite. I think that I was meant to have one of these bedrooms!

    • Jordana February 27, 2010

      I know! I can’t even choose a favourite. Someone emailed and told me that the Country Living was her fave.

  2. Daniella March 1, 2010

    Thanks for the link love ūüôā Beautiful collection of photos!

    • Jordana March 1, 2010

      Of course! We love your blogs Daniella!

  3. shannon March 12, 2010

    the country living was my fave for sure!


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