Personal: December Update of My 2020 Goals

Back in January 2020, I drafted a list of 20 things I wanted to do/see/eat/think about/read in 2020. At the end of each month, I’ve shared an update with you about what I have (or have not) been doing. Here’s the original post, and here are my updates for January, February, March, April, May, June, July. August, September, and November. Here is my final update of the year, if you’d like to know.


1.Complete the challenges that my family and friends set for me for my 40th birthday.
While I didn’t tackle anything specific this month, for the year, I did make a good amount of progress

2. Travel.
I took a little trip to the Niagara region this month. I know there are many people who are/were against traveling, but I took the trip. I felt safe, and I didn’t do anything wild or risky. It was a nice little getaway, which I was very fortunate to have, before the province-wide lockdown. While in the region, I ate at Prime, Ravine, and Noble. I had a spa afternoon at Christienne. I watched Niagara with Marilyn Monroe. I also enjoyed walking around the falls (brrr…). I recommend all of the above.

3. Learn more about the Waterloo region.
While I didn’t necessarily learn much about the region this month, I did shop locally at Benjamin Tree Farm, Harmony (jewelry), Hello Again (clothes), Gifted (gifts), Up Market (home decor), and Clay and Glass Gallery (art). I recommend all of the above.

4. Experience more art.
See above! I enjoyed a visit to the Clay and Glass Gallery shop while I was shopping for Christmas presents, and I watched a Laurier student string quartet performance online.

5. Play more board games.
I dusted off my old Boggle game earlier this month, and I’ve been doing crosswords in the Globe and Mail. I’ve also recently started a new puzzle (almost done it, too!)

6. Master my mom’s signature cake.

I made my mom’s cake several times this year, and I’m happy to report that mine are nearly as good as hers!

7. Wear more dresses.
Yes! I have been wearing dresses…even during my work-from-home life.

8. Consider adding more colour to my wardrobe.
Besides my red slippers, and my colourful glasses, I haven’t added too much colour to my wardrobe this month (or this year). I think I’m okay with this. Why force it?

9. Save money.
I have tracked my earning and spending for several months now, and I’m continuing to do so in the new year. I have things that I’d like to save up for, so I really need to continue to make a concious effort to track my money. December, I can tell you, was a heavy spending month! (And I didn’t follow any kind of budget.) Yikes!

10. Plan a major bathroom reno.
It’s on hold, but I think I may able to tackle this in 2021.

11. Eat more vegetables.
Yes, I have eaten more vegetables…mostly in the form of salads, fajitas, and soups. I made decent progress throughout the year, but there’s room for improvement.

12. Buy more fun socks.
I didn’t treat myself to any new fun socks this month. I bought some Christmas novelty socks for others though.

13. Connect people.
I connected two people earlier this month, so that was good. Another connection may happen soon, too. I’m still at it!

14. Clean closets regularly.
No progress this month, but my closets are FULL.

15. Trust my gut.
Yes. It’s still happening.

16. Get a facial.
No progress.

17. Embrace soup.
Now that I’ve got a handle on potato leek soup (yum), I embraced a new-to-me soup this month – potato broccoli cheddar. It’s quite good, and I’ll make it again.

18. Clean up my shoes.
I didn’t have any progress to make this month. Throughout the year, I do think I made progress on this task, but more can be done. And I really need to stop buying shoes because I do think I have enough to get me through until this pandemic is over!

19. Pass on my magazines.
Yes. I have done this regularly throughout the year. Yay! (My current favourite magazine subscription is Veranda, if you wanted to know!)

20. Have fun.
Yes! Even though we’re in a pandemic, I have been having quite a bit of fun (via work, Zoom and phone calls with family and friends, walks, Netflix, cooking, baking, crochet, and puzzles). I am very grateful.


And there you have it – my year of 2020 goals has come to an end. I think I’ll create a list for 2021, too. Stay tuned!

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  1. Silvia Del Rosso December 28, 2020

    I always enjoy your checklist. There is something in it for all of us to check off every now and then. Keep up the happy spirit


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