Travel: Raden Luggage

I have traveled quite a lot with my L.L. Bean duffle, and after years of using it, I am still happy with it. It’s light, large, and monogrammed. I don’t need an other luggage at the moment…


if I did, I’d get one of these Raden pieces. I’m sure it would be dirty in no-time, but it’s sleek, techy, and spacious.a28-check-mood-2-white-gloss a28-check-mood-5-white-gloss a28-check-mood-1-white-gloss a28-check-hero-white-gloss-desktop a28-check-mood-4-white-gloss a28-check-mood-3-white-gloss a28-check-feather-white-gloss  raden-luggage-2raden-luggage-1 raden-luggage-3

Watch this video about Raden’s production process. So neat!

All photos via Raden.




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  1. Silvia delrosso June 29, 2016

    Lovely luggage.


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