1. vvdenman February 1, 2010

    How did we ever make it before word processors?

    • Jordana February 1, 2010

      Yes – I think about it all the time. I have a vintage Underwood typewriter that I use to write letters and notes but it’s difficult to imagine using it to write anything longer than that!

  2. Johanne February 2, 2010

    I have a couple of vintage typewriters kicking around, too. Any idea where to get them serviced? I think I’ll need to get them serviced. I want to start using the typewriter again- I think we’re straying too far from the written word in this digital age.

    P.S. Lovely white blog! Looking forward to more white inspiration!

    • Jordana February 2, 2010

      I would contact the typewriter companys directly. That’s a good starting point. I didn’t know where to get ribbon for my Underwood but tracked down the company’s supplier via a Google search. It took some time but now I have a contact and I can continue my typing!


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